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Re: Rut,

Originally posted by Tim C
So in your area:

Let's say that the varsity coach is sitting on the bench of the "last" freshman level game of the season.

That coach is ejected . . . from the freshman game.

The Freshman Season has now ended, for the year.

There are 10 Varsity games left on the schedule.

Does this mean that the varsity coach cannot participate in any of those 10 games?


Assuming those 10 games are in the next 10 days, yes, that's what it means.

(To tell the truth, I wasn't aware of the 10-day part of the requirement. I thought the requirement even carried over to the next season.)

That said, it's not our job to enforce or even comment on the rule. If asked, I feign ignorance (that's not hard for me to do). I will (and have) answered questions from the State on who participated / coached in a particular game.

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