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Talking Regional issue!!

This is completely as state or league issue. There are no NF rules or even NCAA rules that cover this directly. At the very least that I am aware of. In my state a coach or player that is ejected, must sit out the rest of that game and any other game at other levels until the game that they got ejected from has been played. So for example, if a varsity coach was ejected from a Freshman B game on Monday and there is not varsity game until another Freshman B game on Saturday, they must sit out all games at all levels until another Freshman B game is played. Or 10 days have past, depending on what happens first. I am sure that other states have some other rules that are defined and if you know them, you can enforce them. So if I throw out a varsity coach during the JV game before the varsity game, I am not going to allow that coach to be apart of the varsity game. And if the coach insists, I have to file a report anyway and that information will be included in that report. Then the State will have to decide what to do next.

It is very important to contact the people that regulate participation of coaches and ask them how to handle these situations.

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