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JB's camp is great and the clinicians are usually some of JB's co-officials in the SEC, Big 12, etc. NBA ref Eric Lewis usually attends and got his start at JB's camp. If you're moving to Florida and want to officiate in the Sunshine and Mid-FL JUCO, going to JB's camp can get you seen and hired. His camp provides many opportunities as I was able to go to an SEC Identification camp because of my work at JB's camp. (Sam Brown is JB's assistant and the one who basically assigns the games. He's the one who watched me and picked me up when Dave Jones had the leagues that JB has now.)

Tony McDonald still assigns the NAIA stuff (I think) and I believe there are a few JUCO leagues assigned by other folks (Panhandle and South Florida). Tony has a camp that some here have already mentioned and he's a great guy as well.

I miss living in Florida because it's a great state to move up and move up quickly.
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