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Originally Posted by BuggBob View Post
DP/Flex NFHS Rules

DP(#23) gets safely to 1st, flex (#14) runs, this is a substitution for the DP, but is this a substitution for the flex?
Sorry, but that question makes no sense.
Later the DP(#23) re-enters and again gets to first, again the Flex (#14) runs. The next time the position is up to bat a new DP (#8) is entered and again she gets safely to first. The coach wants to run the flex (#14), but I ruled that she was no longer available since she has entered and left the game twice.
You have yet to indicate any time that the Flex has left the game.

The coach clearly understood that the DP(#23) was done the second time the Flex ran, but insisted that the flex (#14) could now run for the new DP (#8). My position was the flex (#14) was now also done anew flex can run for the DP.

Seems the coach was correct.
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