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DP/Flex NFHS Rules

DP/Flex NFHS Rules

DP(#23) gets safely to 1st, flex (#14) runs, this is a substitution for the DP, but is this a substitution for the flex?

Later the DP(#23) re-enters and again gets to first, again the Flex (#14) runs. The next time the position is up to bat a new DP (#8) is entered and again she gets safely to first. The coach wants to run the flex (#14), but I ruled that she was no longer available since she has entered and left the game twice.

The coach clearly understood that the DP(#23) was done the second time the Flex ran, but insisted that the flex (#14) could now run for the new DP (#8). My position was the flex (#14) was now also done anew flex can run for the DP.

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