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Originally Posted by Mark Padgett View Post
I've worked a number of games solo but only when a partner didn't show up for one reason or another. When that happens in our local kids rec league, we get paid 1 1/2 times our normal rate, which seems fair since you don't do double the normal work, but you do do (do do - HA HA) 1 1/2 times the work.

Another "competitive" rec league I work pays us only an extra $5 if we wind up working solo. That sucks. That's one reason why I always confirm games by email with those partners even though the assignor maintains a website that indicates acceptance of games.

If you do wind up working alone, be sure to work FT line to FT line and alternate sides, although I recommend working the side opposite the hot moms as much as possible.
I think this is what you meant.
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