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Your taking this crap way too seriously. The coach has you right where he wants you, he knows that just by coming out your already on the defensive side and he is working you. Don't take the fact that they are going to try an question a call as a personal thing against you. He is trying to make you think about every call you make against him and eventually your going to blow it.

Stick to your guns and don't let him rile you.

"Coach , I lined up the catch and tag and I am totally 100% confident I made the right call."

Reply "BLah blah blah.

Thank you coach, you entiltled to your opinion.

Blah, blah blah.

"Ok coach were moving with the game, Thank you" and start to walk away.

If he continues tell him that you have heard enough, discussion is over and keep walking. If he follows and keeps it going , juat say goodnight and get on with the game. Keep your feelings in check and your opinion to yourself and throw the ******* out after you have given him the rope to hang hisself with.

Diplomatically of course.
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