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Handling a Situation, looking for advice

Was doing a college game recently.

Had a play at 3B on a sacrifice attempt, called the runner safe since he beat a bad throw and bad tag. Not a hard call.

Manager of the defense comes out and has quiet chat with me about "how the ball got there first" (not hardly), "how did I miss the tag" (tagged him on the upper thigh when his foot is on the bag, sir). then, the old canard, "your partner at home had a better angle, ask him" (no sir, that's my call all the way, I had the angle and he's safe). He says "you missed it" and heads to the dugout.

Next inning, after his team ties it up, lead off man for the home side doubles. Next batter flies to LF, where I line it up, see R2 start off the bag, then returns, and tags. Visitors appeal, it's denied, and here comes the manager again.

"He left too soon. didn't you see that?", in a calm voice.

"No sir, I had it lined up perfectly, he didn't leave too soon." Pot inside is starting to boil.

"He didn't put his foot on the bag."

"YES HE DID (name), and I am tired of you coming out on every play you don't like." (Sentence spoken in strong voice, not anywhere close to a yell.

Of course he starts pacing and complains about my yelling first, and I apologize for yelling. Then he leaves after another point about my yelling.

He was right, of course, I should not have yelled at him first. But this is twice in two innings on non-controversial calls he and his players didn't like. Maybe he thought he was sticking up for his players, but starting a discussion on an appealed tag up?

Should I have dumped him, even with his fairly quiet voice?
What should I say to the man when I see him again (and I will)?
Should I be upset at myself for raising my voice first? I don;t normally do it first, but I was pretty hot about him even coming out on the dugout on the play.

Opinions appreciated.
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