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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
Did you see the situation with Carmelo Anthony of Denver lying supine on the floor following a traveling violation? He didn't get up and play was restarted. He continue to lie there, and as neither team requested a time-out, play was not stopped by the officials according to the NBA rules, under another traveling violation was committed by his teammate while attempting to score on that same end of the court.

YouTube - Carmelo Anthony Collapses and Play Goes On

I could see people coming out of the stands following such a situation in a HS contest.
I saw the game and the play, and to be honest I thought he was faking it at first. Turns out he was briefly unconscious. I was surprised they didn't call a 20 right there and then. And then I was surprised they didn't foul when Oklahoma had the ball. And to make it 3/3, I was when Denver got the ball back and continued to play 4 vs. 5 and play around him!

Under NBA rules, the officials could of stopped play if the player was seriously injured. I've seen this happen maybe once or twice ever. I think an unconscious player on the court would qualify but be hard to determine. Under the circumstances, Denver was quite lucky a lot worse didn't happen.

NBA Casebook (2009-2010)
285. Player A1 mistimes his dunk attempt and lands very hard on his head. By every indication the player is unconscious and there is the possibility he is seriously injured. May the officials suspend play for the protection of the player?

Yes. The officials may suspend play at the appropriate time whenever a player is seriously injured and it is urgent to get him immediate treatment. The player must be removed from the game and the opponent will be allowed one matching substitute. Only the offensive team may be granted a timeout as per timeout rules.
RULE 3 - SECTION V - j - exception (2)
RULE 4 - SECTION XIII - exception (2)

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