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Originally Posted by RKBUmp View Post
Another one from yesterday. Runners on 2 & 3, no outs, batter pops up to F5, both runners going on the hit. Runner from 3 crosses plate and turns toward dugout, runner from 2 rounds 3rd and is half way home. Ball gets caught and chaos ensues. Ball thrown to catcher, thrown back to F5, thrown back to catcher, runner that crossed home now decides to head back to 3rd, runner from 2nd is standing on 3rd, ball thrown back to F5 who steps on bag, but doesnt tag runner standing there. Runner standing on 3rd now decides to run back to 2nd. In the mean time the coach is looking at me yelling, "what do we do? what do we do?" Now F5 tries for the triple play by throwing to F4 at 2nd, except she throws it into right center. Runner never retouches 2nd and scores. Now I have both coaches yelling, what do we do?
If F5 tagged the runner standing on 3rd, I'd still require an actual verbal appeal before I'd believe he wanted the runner for leaving early at second.

As for what you do, unless someone calls time, you let B4 bat. If the coach calls time, you deal with what he brings to you. If an infielder tells you that R2 left early you call her out on appeal and go to the next inning.
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