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Originally Posted by btaylor64 View Post
So what if an opponents teammate pushes him into an airborne shooter? its "incidental" according to definition?? but the contact is not marginal, so......

Whether its an incident or an accident, illegal contact is illegal contact. I can jump non vertical and see that i'm illegal and draw my hands back in a "im not trying to foul" manner but that doesn't forgo the fact that my trajectory is still illegal, incident or not.

I think we get to hung up on marginal and incidental. If you use either I know what you mean, as does everyone else. I was just trying to make a point with the above. No offense
Since no one mentioned "accidental" until now, I'm assuming you're confusing the definition of "incidental." "Accidental" is not the same thing as "incidental." One is defined in the rules, and the other isn't even used. I don't give a crap about accidental here, and neither do the rules.

The point is, "incidental" contact is not illegal. "Marginal" contact can be illegal, and severe contact can be incidental.

Here is your list of antonyms for purposes of this thread:
1. incidental - illegal
2. accidental - intentional
3. marginal - severe

Each word is only mutually exclusive with its antonym, its relationship to the others is not absolute.
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