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Out of the mouths of freshman coaches

Worked a solo freshman game last night. One of the teams shows up with 18 players, 13 of them in red jerseys, 5 in blue. Explain to coach that they must all be like uniforms and her school needs to get some more jerseys, she says they wont spend the money. She then hands me her lineup card and some of her subs have 2 numbers, one being in perenthecies. I ask about this, she explains that those are the players in blue uniforms and if they come into the game they are just going to switch jerseys with a red player. LOL.

Typical complaints from both coaches about runners leaving early etc etc etc. Finally a player hits a line drive into left field, probably 40' past 3rd base. Ball tails a little but easily lands 10' inside the line in fair territory then spins into foul. Batter ends up with a triple out of it, here comes coach. "That was a foul ball!". No coach, it was fair. "No one touched that ball until it was foul" Coach, it landed in fair territory beyond 3rd base it is fair. "I played college softball, I think I know the rules of the game."
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