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I'll bet next time someone tells you that they are going to take some pain pills you will ask "How is this going to affect your game judgement?"

As have I gathered from what you have said, YOU tacitly accepted his actions.... and are partially to blame. I wouldn't really place any blame upon you but I wouldn't be so vindictive towards your partner either. Perhaps he was unaware of the drug's affect. Perhaps this was a different experience than he had ever had on this drug (they act differently in different situations - no food, physical activity, lack of sleep, etc.). I'm sure he didn't say to himself "I'm gonna screw this game up for everyone especially you kid... I'm gonna pop some pain pills."

Very likely if you went face to face with him, he would be aghast and appologize profusely.

If his only error during the game was forgetting that you begin shooting 2 at 10 team fouls then I would say that you have really overblown this discussion. If there were numerous errors, then you surely need to confront him when he is in a sober state and can realize the seriousness of his previous action.

I would expect that he will be very surprized, appologize, and swear to never use the drug at any time besides going to bed.

Start with talking to the man - approach him with an open mind. If his response is F-off then run away. Take more severe action if you still feel it is necessary.

We are all people and appreciate being treated as such... a member of your team, a companion, a friend with a common avocation. Hope this helps.
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