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Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee View Post
+1...agree with Bob.

Two different rules covering two different situations. One situation is after a timeout with no substitution. There's no reason to give any benefit of the doubt re: any confusion in that situation. The other situation is after multiple substitutions. In that case, there could be some confusion and the rulesmakers allowed for that.
JR (and Bob) are absolutely correct. I realize that Mark P already has this in another thread, but, I would really like to see consistency in the rules concerning four players. As I have stated before, I fail to see any advantage to having four players on the court -- as long as one does not "jump into the play" and gain an advantage (which is already covered by the "lengthy substitution" situation).

Eliminating these technicals would help improve game flow and game management. Too many players is illegal and, in most cases, represents a huge advantage and should be penalized. Too few players does not.
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