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Originally Posted by LittleLeagueBob View Post
John -

I hope it's ok to piggy-back on your topic - I would appreciate some collective wisdom on the following one that I missed:

R1, the batter bunts down the first base line. The ball has rolled into foul territory but hits a clump of dirt in the running lane and changes direction and rolls back into fair territory. The BR inadvertently kicks it.

a. BR is out only if the ball is fair when he kicks it.
b. BR is out.
c. Foul ball.
d. R1 is out.


I put a, answer is b

Here is 7-11-o:

The batter is out when:
o. After hitting or bunting a foul ball, the batter-runner intentionally
deflects the course of the ball in any manner while running to first base;
or intentionally interferes with the catcher’s attempt to field a third
strike. The ball is dead and no runner may advance;

BTW - I missed your 2nd Q as well...they've spent so much time on the "getting the call right" mentality that even tho this isn't one of the 7 scenarios listed in Appendix E, I thought they were trying to give us other examples where they prefer us to give unsolicited "help".

Thanks - Bob

you put a... but if you read the question, it said the ball rolled back into fair B would be the correct answer....
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