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Speaking ASA:
As Dave pointed out, I did not read the clarification before asking for confirmation of his "non-approved ejection" comment. I have now read it without full comprehension and reviewed the rule itself. Yes I see the ejection for non-approved in 7-6-B.

I have always understood the rule to be out/ejection for altered, just an out for other illegal. To me, non-approved meant the same as illegal. I have trouble understanding how a bat can be "illegal" and not be "non-approved". Am I just trying to apply a dictionary to rule book semantics?

Further, I thought the non-approved list ( was to correct those previously certified and those rejected to begin with. The idea being to minimize having to search the approved list for every bat. Are we/they using "non-approved" in two different ways?

What I seem to have missed is there are three categories, approved, non-approved, and non-approved with certification. The second, non-approved seems to include non-tested, which I assume are those referred to as USSSA/NSA for lack of a more specific name. (Does non-approved mean the same as disapproved?).
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