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Originally Posted by jdw3018 View Post
I understand the reasoning; however, the implementation would lead me to believe that officials will call these plays differently than they would plays after the ball has been released.

An illegal screen that you might want to get in 'regular' play may get passed on because the punishment seems excessive. A small hold coming off that screen may get passed on too, when it would normally get called out front for the same reason.

I'm sure the directive is to call it the same regardless, but that was the directive when swinging elbows was a T. It has been changed to a violation to attempt to get officials to call it because the T was deemed "too harsh" in many instances.

I don't like it. I prefer the opportunity to use judgement to say "that foul occurred in the normal sequence of events," or, "that foul was intentional."
I agree. And from looking from the FIBA rule book, two unpsortsmanlike calls while get a player disqualifed from a game. From the sounds of it, two illegal screens before the ball is released while get it a player DQed for the rest of the game.
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