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Originally Posted by AllPurposeGamer View Post
Really, for all fouls? If team A is inbounding the ball and sets an illegal screen is it automatically unsportsmanlike? Likewise, if team B is called for a blocking foul, that's unsportsmanlike as well? If so, seems like a harsh penalty. What does the rule book say specifically? I am not doubting your statement since I do not use FIBA rules.
Yes any foul. Screening, hands, blocking, anything when the ball has not left the inbounders hands is automatic.


When the ball is out-of-bounds for a throw-in and is still in the hands of the official or is already at the disposal of the thrower-in and at that moment a defensive player on the court causes contact

FIBA Official Interpretations 2008/LK Page 16 of 25
with a player of the team of the thrower-in also on the court and the foul is called, this shall be judged as unsportsmanlike.

Example 1:
A4 has the ball in his hands or at his disposal for a throw-in when B5 causes contact with A5 and a foul is called on B5.

Because B5 is obviously not making any effort to play the ball and an unsportsmanlike advantage is gained by not allowing the game clock to restart. An unsportsmanlike foul must be called without a warning being given.
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