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Originally Posted by mutantducky View Post
1) I don't like giving cheap fouls and the advantage is on a questionable that could go either way give it too a teammate.

2) Star player with 4 fouls does a little grab and push to get a rebound. Minor foul but it allowed him to get the ball.

3) Good call in the first half but not in the last five minutes.
1) Here's a better idea. Don't call cheap and/or questionable fouls in the first place and you won't have to worry about this.

2) How can it be a minor foul if it allowed him to get the ball? Methinks you really don't understand the concept of using advantage/disadvantage

3) Are you serious?

To sum up, you don't believe in advantage/disadvantage or consistency in calling a game, but you do believe in calling cheap, questionable fouls as long as you can give it to a teammate and not to a player with 4 fouls.

Great advice!

Lah me.......

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