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I noticed that they provided clarification for the "non-approved bat" penalty.

Question: Does a new model bat that does not appear on the non approved bat list and does not have the ASA certification mark on it fall under the penalty for using a non approved or altered bat?

Answer: Yes. Any bat that does not meet Rule 3 Section 1A [1-3] is considered a non approved bat whether listed or not. This is the reason we went to the one bat list called Non Approved bats with Certification Marks. When making the change to the new list, the definition in Rule 1”Non Approved Bat” was missed and the “and” in the definition should have been removed and replaced with “or.” If it does not meet Rule 3 section 1A [1-3] or is on the Non Approved bats with Certification Marks list then it is a “NON APPROVED BAT.”
So yes... A brand new bat with no ASA stamp (ie., U-Trip/NSA bats) is a non-approved bat, and a batter stepping into the batter's box with one of these bats would be out and ejected.

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