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Wake Forest vs VA Tech - Dead Ball Fouling

Anyone see the game last night?

One minute or so left in the game and VA Tech is winning by ~ 6 points.

Ending goes as typically expected. Wake Scores. VA Tech is fouled. VA Tech makes 1 of 2. Wake scores. VA Tech inbounds and is fouled. VA Tech makes 1 of 2. Wake misses. VA Tech is fouled. etc., etc.

With 23 seconds left Wake makes two free throws and VA Tech is up 5 and inbounding the ball. TWEET! Foul on Wake prior to the ball coming in.

Now, the announcers begin to have a conversation about "dead ball fouls." As in - "This is a smart play to foul and not have any time come off the clock." and "Why don't more teams play good denial defense like this?" One announcer went so far as to say, "The NCAA should make this type of foul a three-shot foul and then this kind of play would stop."

The announcers then quickly pointed out that the next time VA Tech inbounded the ball, Wake didn't emply this strategy (dead ball fouling).

Without crushing the announcers here - Seen it much? Thoughts?
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