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Originally Posted by shavano View Post

Meetings & toss, no problem... then

I'm L, & called a block midway through the first, basket counted ( nope, didn't look up, but looked at T and he indicated good), and added one shot. I go to report the foul, the T is right there asking who my shooter was. ( yeah, I should've had it, and vowed that I would if I got asked again.) Come to find out later on, I had called across the lane and my C had whistled as well. ( so much for my good eye contact at a dead ball) He went ahead and let me have the foul then, and was nice about it during half time meeting, but said that I had poached... Ay,yi yi..
Imperfect, certainly, but if this is your one mistake in the game, you're ok.


.......had no clue about players in foul trouble.

Some of us think that this is not information that we should make a point of having.
I swear, Gus, you'd argue with a possum.
It'd be easier than arguing with you, Woodrow.

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