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Originally Posted by Mark Padgett View Post
Do you guys usually ask a coach if they want a full or a 30 if they haven't indicated one or the other? If so, how many times will you ask before you realize they're not responsive?
I cover timeouts in the coaches meeting, "if you don't indicate, its a full"
I was taught that the burden is on the coach, so I never ask. If they don't indicate it's a 30 before you get to the reporting position, then it's a 60 "by default". I'm trying all the time to get my guys in our local kids rec league to do this, otherwise it can take 10 seconds to get a coach to respond.
Agree, I've had some coaches not want to tell me and give me a dirty look first then tap their shoulder to indicate a 30. Seems like a power play, not T'able but does piss me off, ask a guy twice what he wants and have him look at you like you were speaking Chinese. And how do you treat it if the request is from a player on the floor?
I ask the coach.
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