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Originally Posted by Refsmitty View Post
ART. 1 . . . A player shall not cause the ball to go out of bounds.
NOTE: The dribbler has committed a violation if he/she steps on or outside a boundary,
even though he/she is not touching the ball while he/she is out of bounds
ART. 2 . . . No player shall be out of bounds when he/she touches or is touched
by the ball after it has been released on a throw-in pass.
ART. 3 . . . A player shall not leave the floor for an unauthorized reason.
PENALTY: (Section 3) The ball is dead when the violation occurs and is
awarded to the opponents for a throw-in from the designated out-of-bounds
spot nearest the violation. (See 6-7-9 Exception d)
Doesn't apply to an interrupted dribble, which is what you have 99% of the time on the play in your OP. 9-3-3 is your reference.

BTW, I had my first 9-3-1 (note) call this year.
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