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Originally Posted by hoopsaddict View Post
Being a jv/freshman official who should be ont he door to recieving varsity games next year I am wondering about 3 person officaiting as I am currently looking over various camps to attend this summer. I have heard some rumblings but haven't had the chance to take to a varsity official who would be in the know. The rumblings I have heard are that some conferences here in Wisconsin will go back to 2 man after having 3 person for a few years. In wisconsin here each conference decides for conference games and we have conferences that use both 2 and 3 person. Then for non-conference games it is up to each host school.

Has anyone else heard that the trend with the economy will be to go back to 2 person and not see as much 3 person crews?
It's definitely happening. I may know more depending on what area you live in. Post another message or send me a PM.
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