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Originally posted by Hawks Coach
If a defender has one hand on the ball and the ball is not on the floor, the ball can be easily moved away from the defender's hand without undue roughness. This rule generally only applies when each player has two hands on the ball.

I think it is a huge stretch to say that a defender placing a hand on the ball causes the offensive player to lose player control. [/B][/QUOTE]Let' see now:
1)A1 is on the floor with the ball trapped firmly between his arm and his body.B1 is lying next to him with his hands on the ball.
2)A1 is lying on the floor with the ball trapped firmly between his legs.B1,lying partially on him,has one hand on the ball.
In both cases,the ball is caught(or pinned)firmly enough that neither player can do anything with it.
In both cases,Nevada and Coach say that it is not a jump ball.

Please tell me what what I do call in these cases,if anything.Or do I just let 'em wrassle around until the ball comes loose or one player ends up with both hands on it.

The intent of the rule is to call a held ball when two opposing players have enough equal control of the ball that their opposite number is unable to do anything with it(dribble,pass,shoot,etc.).That's how we judge it,and that's how we call it.
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