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Originally posted by Nevadaref
I take that wording to mean there is no individual control. I believe that a during a held ball as defined in article 1, both players have control. This is called joint control. Since player control is defined as holding or dribbling a live ball inbounds, if both players are holding the ball then both have control. That is why it is called a held ball!
But if one player is holding the ball and an opponent simply puts a hand on the ball, only the first player has control.

This joint control concept is not just something that I made up either. It is in the casebook. Play 4.43.2 B talks about A1 and A2 having joint control.
You're making stuff up, Nevada. I'm not going to waste my time referencing rules when you're bouncing myths around. Jurassic is correct, it's not a difficult call to make.

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