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Originally Posted by CMHCoachNRef View Post
If you are a relatively new official, I would tell your partner that you are still working on your mechanics. Therefore, you really want to work on proper mechanics, today including switching at the proper times. If you ask for their help, most vets will be willing to work with you in this situation.

If you are an experienced official who insists on doing the job the right way, let your partner know that you would like to use proper mechanics, today. If he objects to switching on all fouls, insist on switching on shooting fouls.

If you have a truly lazy partner, you can force a switch in many cases. If he reports a non-shooting foul, you can put the ball on the floor at the throw-in location and go to the opposite location.
My experience as a 2nd year non-board (working toward my cert.) ref is that in my area, yes, vets who are board certified are always willing to utilize proper mechanics with me in working a JV game, and offer advice, tips, etc. Same can be said for any P's who, like me, are working for their board certification. For me, the problem cmhjordan posted occurs whenever I work a JV game with an "experienced", (in terms of # of years as a ref), non-board, referee.

They are almost to a man, simply adamant and headstrong that they are going to do it the way they've done it for years. Efforts to initiate any level of a pre-game conference, (if they arrive in time to even have one), are met with, disdain? disinterest? "Ahh...what does it matter it's only JV." I think you know what I mean here.

So I go out and try to work as best as I can with this type of P. I mean we've got a game to officiate. I'll force the switch anytime I can. During TO's I'll initiate communication with them so (hopefully) we don't have a screw-up coming out of the TO. I'll work on my mechanics and positioning. I mean I'm not trying to show anyone up, but I'll be dammed if I'm going to get sloppy about things such as foul reporting, hand signals, proper administration of F/T's and throw-ins, (esp. having the throw-in occur from the proper spot). Heck, I'm still trying to learn all this stuff so I can do it the right way, the same way, every time without having to think about it.

Part of the problem in my area is that JV games are not assigned by the board. Both B&GJV assignments are handled by any number of local assignors. Our board's only involvement in JV games is having one of the V refs arrive at the gym early enough to do one of the required number of evaluations you need to move onto the next level. You are on your own to get the assignments. I mention this because obviously, as a newbie, complaining to your assignor(s) about one of their long time "regulars" is not the way to get more games.

Like other JV guys who have posted, it's not the best situation for your development/advancement, but you play the hand your dealt. There's always something in every game you can work on and learn matter who you have as a partner.

Sorry this reply turned into a vent.
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