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Utterly absurd

Originally Posted by LocDog249 View Post
In NW IL this is what some of the veteran officials were doing to break 3 man in to some of the smaller schools. They would call the school and tell them they are bringing a third, and they can pay them if they want, otherwise the officials will split their pay. I know this would be a big pay cut, but would you be willing to do it?

It is not up to a crew of officials, or an association of officials, to decide how a state administers its games, let alone tell individual leagues what its priorities should be.

So it is completely out of line for a crew of officials to call a school and announce that it is going to add a third person, apparently whether the school likes it or not. We can advocate for three-person crews, we can even strike for three person crews and see which side gives in first. But it's not our call on a state or league basis, and it is unethical to try to force it on a game by game basis.

To get to the question: Am I willing to take a pay cut to convert two man to three man where it isn't used? Not particularly, although perhaps the reduction in the abuse of my aging legs is worth a small discount. But in general, no, you are paying for my experience, training, certification and willingness to appear and I'm not at all interested in splitting a two-whistle three ways because school or league decides it wants an extra set of eyes.
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