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Pay cut to work 3 man?

Having moved from a 3 man state to a 2 man state, I am missing the old days. I have come to a realization that I will miss more calls working a 2 man game.
My question is this..... Would officials who work in 2 man states/areas be willing to take their pay for the 2 of them and split it 3 ways? This would show the schools how much better 3 man is without an added cost to them. In NW IL this is what some of the veteran officials were doing to break 3 man in to some of the smaller schools. They would call the school and tell them they are bringing a third, and they can pay them if they want, otherwise the officials will split their pay. I know this would be a big pay cut, but would you be willing to do it?
Personally I would do it. After cutting 2 checks 3 ways, it would be about half of what I made a game in IL, but I don't ref for the money, I do it because I enjoy being yelled at by strangers
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