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Originally Posted by cmhjordan23 View Post
Who's job is it as an official to initiate a switch on foul calls. I did a JV game this evening and we didn't switch once other than for shooting free throws. Everytime he would call a foul, I would be on the endline and I would hold out the ball towards him thinking he would get the point that I want to switch.
If you are a relatively new official, I would tell your partner that you are still working on your mechanics. Therefore, you really want to work on proper mechanics, today including switching at the proper times. If you ask for their help, most vets will be willing to work with you in this situation.

If you are an experienced official who insists on doing the job the right way, let your partner know that you would like to use proper mechanics, today. If he objects to switching on all fouls, insist on switching on shooting fouls.

If you have a truly lazy partner, you can force a switch in many cases. If he reports a non-shooting foul, you can put the ball on the floor at the throw-in location and go to the opposite location.
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