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Originally Posted by cmhjordan23 View Post
Who's job is it as an official to initiate a switch on foul calls. I did a JV game this evening and we didn't switch once other than for shooting free throws. Everytime he would call a foul, I would be on the endline and I would hold out the ball towards him thinking he would get the point that I want to switch.
This is one of my pet peeves about partners. Some will just not want to switch in JV or lower games. And the other one is switching when you're not supposed to switch. Perfect example is if I'm the T and my partner's the L, and the ball goes out of bounds near the half-court line in my corner and it goes the other way, I'll blow my whistle dead and get ready to turn when my partner will already be at the half-court line to go to the other endline. I even pregame this and it still happens.

There really shouldn't be any initiation of switching. You and your partner should know when to switch that it should just happen as if it was instinctive. If you know you're supposed to switch, then just start walking. That's what I do. If your partner waves you off as if to say stay there, go to him and say "You know we're supposed to switch, so we're switching".
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