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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
Good discussion here.

What the group is saying is that:
1) A live ball appeal can not be made on the batter-runner while off base in this situation.
2) Also that the defense must force the issue and tag the batter-runner to get an out.

Now explain what is the umpire to do, if anything, when F3 stands on 1st base holding the ball, the batter-runner stands where she is (about 30 feet from 1st base), and the 3rd base runner stands off her base. They all stare at each other and no movement.
Anything we do must have the support of the rules. And, there is no rule support to do anything with this play. Until the players play this to a completion, live ball, play is in progress.

1) Runner is not out, because nothing makes the runner out.
2) You cannot properly call "time"; ASA 10.4-E "An umpire will not call time while any play is in progress ..." and ASA 10.4-H An umpire will not suspend play at the request of players, coaches or managers until all action in progress has been completed."

The most you can do is state something like "The ball is live until returned to the pitcher and runners return to their bases", or "I cannot call that runner out unless you tag her off the base", or "I cannot grant time will the ball is in play and runners are in jeopardy". Until they resolve it, you cannot actively "do" anything, or apply any rule.
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