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I got some a really good perspective on the whole block/charge thing from one of my partners last Fri. He is a guy who worked the state finals years ago, D1, and then just recently retired after a long NBA career. His position was that officials at all levels don't call nearly enough PC fouls because 1) there is a distorted consensus about what makes up a pc foul and 2) officials aren't sure what to call a lot of times and the default is to go with a block or no call if you aren't sure . It is sort of along the lines of why there aren't enough T's called, a lot of officials just default to ignoring unsportsmanlike conduct rather than dealing with it - once you accept that PC fouls (like techs) are just another foul and there doesn't need to be a lot of drama, it makes it much easier to call. I couldn't agree with this more and I know I myself am guilty of it at times. I'm trying to really focus on the fact that there doesn't need to be a huge crash with bodies on the floor in order to have a pc foul. If you have a player with LGP and there is contact that displaces that defender you have a pc foul - and leaning back, turning to absorb contact, those are not things that cause it to NOT be a pc foul.
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