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Originally Posted by CMHCoachNRef View Post
Player Control Foul. Looks like the trail was actually waving off the basket -- likely calling a PC foul. Hard to tell what the lead had. But, since they must have disagreed -- otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it -- the lead must have had a block. The only reason to wave a shot off while still in flight would be for a PC foul. If the lead had a block, well, uh oh.

I can see a double whistle in this situation since the contact was just on the edge of the lane. Some officials pregame "I have the drive all the way to the basket from my side of the floor (similar to C taking it in 3 Man).
He's either getting ready to wave it off and go PC or pound his hips with a block signal. Not sure which.

I've got PC on this. Could see someone going no-call as the defender started backwards and there wasn't a ton of contact, and it appears the shooter may have contacted the defender "off-center" rather than straight on. Contact still appears to be in the torso, however...

Might add: Trail is signaling early when this definitely occurs in L's primary...

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