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Originally Posted by CMHCoachNRef View Post
Just curious. In this situation, Team A (the team I coach ) has just made the three to pull within one. Shockingly , I failed to keep a timeout for such a situation and only have "Webers" left. But, seeing that there are under five seconds remaining, I IMMEDIATELY and LOUDLY signal for a timeout, knowing that it will result in a technical foul. If the ball is still in the net on its downward flight, are you going to grant this timeout? If not, what is your rule reference for ignoring it?
I will grant it for three reasons.

1. I'm not perceptive enough at this point to determine that the ball has not yet passed through the net, so I'll probably think it's through.
2. There is no case play or rule stating that I can ignore a timeout request that is made at the appropriate time.
3. (secondarily) The penalty for the excess timeout is sufficient that you won't benefit from this tactic. It's also the same penalty the book prescribes if you cannot ignore the violation.
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