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Originally Posted by CMHCoachNRef View Post
Just curious. In this situation, Team A (the team I coach ) has just made the three to pull within one. Shockingly , I failed to keep a timeout for such a situation and only have "Webers" left. But, seeing that there are under five seconds remaining, I IMMEDIATELY and LOUDLY signal for a timeout, knowing that it will result in a technical foul. If the ball is still in the net on its downward flight, are you going to grant this timeout? If not, what is your rule reference for ignoring it?
Nope, a TO can't be legally granted because the ball isn't dead yet until it clears the net. And you knew that(semantics- but still important rules-wise).

Now once the ball clears the net......

Different scenarios.....

1) A TO request that was legally made should always be granted. Whether the actual TO granted was legal or not is a whole' nother matter. So no, you don't ignore a legal TO request.

2) If the team that just scored now wants to get a DOG warning charged though, then you go by the direction of casebook play 9.3.3SitD-COMMENT

Apples and oranges iow...

Note that I answered for SNAQs because I know he'd give you basically the same answer.
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