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Originally Posted by FrankHtown View Post
JAR, I understand your point. The point I was trying to make concerns the player on the floor with his hand on the ball....not a defender blocking a shot.

Still the question is open: Does a hand on the ball while the ball is on the floor constitute holding the ball?

Has anyone ever seen a player dive for a loose ball, put a hand on it, and request a time out? Do you grant it or not? If you believe he/she is "holding" the ball, you should grant the time out. If you believe they are not holding the ball you let play continue. I'm of the school I'd grant the time out.

As Anchor said, if a defender then comes and puts their hand(s) on the ball, do you call a held ball? If the defender can't get it loose from the player on the floor with one hand on it, by definition, the player on the floor is "holding" it. I'd probably call a held ball also.
To me, holding the ball implies control. A player with the ball pinned to the floor can't do anything else with it except keep it pinned. I'm not granting this TO, and I'm not calling traveling, and I'm not starting a 5 second count.
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