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Originally Posted by stosh View Post
I ignore an opponent of the free throw shooter stepping into the lane early if the basket is made

I also ignore calling a "kicked ball" if it imediately goes out of bounds
Originally Posted by Snaqwells View Post
I can think of two situations where you shouldn't do this.
Originally Posted by Welpe View Post
I can think of one, during an AP throw-in. What would be the other?
Originally Posted by stosh View Post
1.) If there is a shot clock
2.) If the ball goes out of bounds at a spot that gives the "kicker's" team an advantage.
I don't really care about shot clocks, but I suppose that's a third situation. Welpe has one, during an AP throwin.

The other is when the throwing team has an endline throwin. If the first touch in bounds is a defensive kick, and the ensuing spot would be on the same endline, the throwing team gets an end line throwin rather than a spot throwin.

If you simply rule out of bounds on the defense, then you've simply got a spot throwin.
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