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Originally posted by blarson
somehow I ended up with too many players on the court. I called out the the ref and told him that I had too many and got a team T. Should I have either just called time or tried to get one of the girls to come off the floor to avoid the T?
The officials should not have allowed play to begin with the incorrect number of players. However, once they did so, your best bet was simply to request a TO and get the extra player out of there.

Now on the T, he gave the team two and the ball at the end line.

You did the right thing by not hammering him about it. He was wrong, if you're playing by Fed rules. Perhaps this league uses NCAA rules? If so, then after the FTs for the T, you'd put the ball back in play at the point of interruption, which could easily be the endline. If you're using straight Fed rules, then the official just blew it.

I actually benefitted from the screw up because the he used their AP for that. The official in me just didn't want to benefit from a blown call.
This actually wasn't a blown call. It was handled properly. There is no way an official should take the word of a coach on a play that the official didn't see. If the official is screen, or if he was watching off-ball and didn't see who touched the ball last, he/she asks the other official. If neither one knows, they have to go to the arrow. No official likes to do this, but it happens. I saw one of our own brethren on this board go to a jump ball in a 3-whistle WNBA game b/c nobody could determine who touched it last. He and his crew handled perfectly. It happens.

Good luck in the rest of your season!

Any NCAA rules and interpretations in this post are relevant for men's games only!
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