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My reputation for on the baseball diamond and probably some deperation had them ask me to referee youth basketball this year. That same deperation lead to them asking me to coach as well.

Couple of questions.

Had some confusion during subs by the girls and somehow I ended up with too many players on the court. I called out the the ref and told him that I had too many and got a team T. Should I have either just called time or tried to get one of the girls to come off the floor to avoid the T?

Now on the T, he gave the team two and the ball at the end line. I asked him, on a T don't you give the ball at the division line? He looked at me oddly asked if I meant 1/2 court (sigh) and said he didn't think so. It wasn't a huge deal so I didn't say another word but if it was a crucial situation what do you do?

Last. Ball was last touched by my team and went out. Lead looked at trial and said, I didn't see it, did you. She said No I didn't either. Both my coach and I said, Blue! We where green, and we were trying to say blue ball. He said, "I don't know who it went out on I have to go to the AP arrow." Again, I said Blue going this way. He said, I believe you but I didn't see it so I have to use the AP arrow. I actually benefitted from the screw up because the he used their AP for that. At the 1/2 I told him that I wasn't trying to cheat. He said, I know you were being honest but...I said darn straight I was being honest, I was telling you it was there ball. He said Oh...either way if I don't see it I have to use the AP arrow. Should I keep my mouth shut next time? The official in my just didn't want to benefit from a blown call. LOL.

Thanks for your patience in my long winded post.

Bob L
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