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Originally Posted by CoachP View Post
Girls varsity last night - 3 man.

After the referee met with the captains, my captains came back and informed me of a new rule this year. All players on the free throw lane must have both feet near the lane line. I went and questioned the crew becuse there was still a couple minutes on the warm up clock. They all were in agreement.

Since the game hadn't started yet, I was tempted to pull out "the book". I did not. I just told the girls, "when in Flint, do as Flint does."

Is that a case where it may have been OK for me to whip out the rule book, pregame?

Yes, and you would have been half embarrassed as the NFHS provision specifies one foot must be 'near' the lane line. New clarification this year found in very front of 2009-2010 Rules book

Editorial Change
9-1-3g Clarified that a player occupying a marked lane space must have
one foot positioned near the outer edge of the free-throw lane line
with the other foot positioned anywhere within the designated 36-
inch lane space
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