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Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post
Why may I ask? IAABO Board Interpreters are no different from the interpreter of a local association in any other state. There are no "IAABO" interpretations anymore than there are "local association" interpretations.

MTD, Sr.

P.S. Is EMBOA a girls' only basketball officiating board?
Hi Mark, page 78 of IAABO mechanics manual is different from NFHS manual...IAABO writes their own.

EMBOA is not a girls only board, we don't have differences in Mass. anymore.

I'm just looking for other training other non-IAABO states do it because I'm surrounded by mostly IAABO folks in Massachusetts. Not that I'm against their ideas, just looking for others as theirs are not the only ones and may not always be the best.
Dan Picard
EMBOA Rules Interpreter
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