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Originally Posted by artar View Post
So if their is an offensive player in the paint getting the rebound, shooting, missing, rebounding again and shooting again (in the lane 6 seconds or longer) there is no 3 second violation because the player (or team) doesn't have contol of the ball?
Correct. Mostly. One requirement of the three seconds rule is team control. Team control is gained when a player of that team gains player control (holding or dribbling a live ball inbounds). Team control is lost when a shot is taken. So in your scenario ...

Rebounding, no three seconds count until team control is secured
Shooting, the period between gaining team control and releasing a try is subject to the three seconds rule
Missing, team control ends when the try is released
Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The only potential problem is the time between securing team control of the rebound and releasing the try.
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