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Now that new views have been around for a bit, I was wondering if there were any thoughts on the thought that the new views won't deflect foul balls very well.

I have or had both the low-profile and the standard profile in both the chrome-moliben and the titanium. The standard profile definitely deflects better than the low-profile, or New View. I have taken 80-plus direct shots in all of them, and the New View gives a noticeably bigger jolt when that ball just drops at your feet.

For those of you who have used them (or those of you who have read some good studies on it), is the difference significant enough to override the value of the better view?

Both titanium profiles offer better visibility than even the low-profile black-coated chrome-moliben. And to answer your question, no, it is not worth the better view, unless you're doing freshman and under, where you need to see a bigger zone and the potential blows are not severe enough to make a difference.

Would using the thicker Wilson pads accommodate for the slight drop-off in deflection protection?

The pads help dramatically, even on the ones that the New View leaves at your feet. I would never consider going out there with less than a set of leather Wilson wrap-arounds. They're the best.

I asked this low-profile/standard-profile question of Mark Letendre, former Giants trainer and current medical director for MLB umpires. He said that the chance of deflecting the blow rather than taking it is also critical in avoiding neck strain, and not just concussions. (As any boxer will tell you, it's just as important to have your teeth clenched when you take a shot as it is to deflect the blow.)

From my perspective, I kept the New View titanium for a back-up, but I use the standard profile exclusively. I barely notice a difference in the visibility. I just don't want to take any more of a blow than I need to.
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