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I have two guesses. First, kicks complicated to rule on: when does the kick end, muff vs. fumble, fair catch, momentum, and on and on. NFHS tries to simplify the rules where it can: so the ball is dead if the kick crosses the plane of the goal line.

Second, I would also speculate (and it's just speculation) that kick plays also see more injuries than most other types of play: players colliding with greater force, at odd angles, etc. NFHS tries to create rules that promote participant safety: so the ball is dead when the kick crosses the plane of the goal line.
Sounds a logical guess, though now that most states have gone to 5 or 6-man crews, this shouldn't be an issue anymore, should it? Could the rule be a leftover from the old 3 and 4-man crew days?

I can see this too, with the NFHS passing the horsecollar rule this year as an example. Of course, your reasoning parallels the emphasis we hear every year about the safety of the participants.
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