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Lightbulb nothing scientific here.

Originally posted by APHP
I had a sore knee last weekend. Nothing very painful, just more of an irritation. Then Tuesday have varsity boys & girls game. Wednesday AM knee was painful to walk. Went to Doc-inflamed cartilage of left knee. Gave me cortison shot and pills to take daily. Went easy on knee Wed & Thur. Did varsity girls & boys last night. Can hardly walk today. Next games are big tournament games begining next Wed. and I'm worried I want be able to go..anyone had cartilage problems of the knee before. How long was the recovery-any advice. Thanks
I had a continually "tired knee" after games.

My knee hurt (dull throb and uncomfortable) and wouldn't go away. I went to an MD and got tested for arthritis, I went to a knee guy that twisted and prodded. He told me my knee hurt. Other doctor told me it wasn't arthritis.

Now that I drink too much water (20 oz before, 20 oz. half-time), the knee is fine.

Nothing magic about that.
Hope your's isn't serious.
Good luck.


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