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Originally Posted by Lapopez View Post
1. Slow do-or-die roller to F6, BR beats the throw but misses first base. Base umpire calls safe. F3 knows BR missed the base and immediately turns to BU and says, “But he missed the base.” Is that sufficient for the appeal?
If the runner is not attempting to return (relaxed action) and F3 is standing on the base with the ball, that's good enough.
2. Base hit to right. BR rounds first, but misses it. F9 throws behind him. Can F3 immediately (with the ball and touching first base) appeal or has insufficient time passed that he is still obligated to tag the runner?
Same answer as 1. It has nothing to do with time. If the runner is attempting to return to the base (i.e., the action is unrelaxed), he must be tagged.
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