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This year Connecticut prep schools, who have always used a hybrid version of NFHS, and NCAA, rules, with differences for boys, and girls, will, for the first time, have a coaching box that extends from the twenty-eight foot mark all the way down to the endline. I can't wait, as the lead, table side, to have a coach shake my hand on a good call way down in the corner. It was bad enough when they shook my hand on a good call, as the trial, table side. Now they've got a shot at me at both the trail, and at the lead. I'd better start carrying some hand sanitizer in my pants pocket.
Not to hijack, but would you believe one of the nursing professors where I work suggests I carry a small bottle of it while I'm working basketball? Her rationale: I'm shaking several hands before the game, and handling that ball some during the game, i.e. throw-in administration and free-throw administration. I was sorely tempted to ask if she was planning on running around at our college's games, squirting that hand sanitizer on the officials' hands.
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