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Originally Posted by PeteBooth View Post
Steve FWIW I enjoyed it when Steve Palermo (IMO, one if not the best umpires ever to wear a uniform) was a commentator for FOX.

There was a controversial OBS call (can't remember off the top of my head) in which OBS was called but the runner rounded 3rd base and then was subsequently thrown out. The out call stood and Steve Palermo who was then with FOX gave an EXCELLENT explanation as to why the out call stood.

I do not know what happend but Palermo was only on that one year or so.

Now unfortunately we are left with the McCarver's of the world. Harold Reynolds when he was color commentator was pretty good with the rules. At least he took the time to look them up first.

Pete Booth
Reynolds said on Baseball Tonight that "the hands are part of the bat". I don't believe he looked that up first. He's # 3 behind McCarver and Joe Morgan.
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